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What We Do

EcoReadyBath provides solutions for complete fully-equipped units of prefabricated toilets and bathrooms based on sample layouts or individual designs for B2B clients throughout Europe.



The creation process of bathroom modules is based on innovative BIM technology.


Very durable steel robust (offsite manufactured) construction but still lightweight.


We deliver completed prefabricated bathrooms always on time and properly secured.

Why Choose EcoReadyBath x

Cost Saving

Choosing prefabricated pods means significant reduction of costs associated with labour, material waste and removal or site supervision.

Superior Quality

All production works are in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001. Industrial prefabrication technology guarantees high quality standards and so does the final product.

Time Saving

Using off-site modular bathrooms ensures even 80 % shorter production process than building in traditional technology.

Project Freedom

EcoReadyBath can seamlessly fit into any large-scale design and build project, from hotel sector across student accommodation to residential development projects.

Flexible team

Our experienced team of designers-engineers is able to adapt our bathrooms to every requirement depending on the client’s needs.

One Partner

We are one and only partner for all aspects related to the bathroom construction. One contact, one invoice and one warranty for everything.

Looking for best prefabricated pods manufacturer for your next project?

Our Process x

  • Sales
  • Design
  • Mock-up
  • Production
  • Delivery / Installation*
Our process starts with the sales consultation.
A professional project needs to be in accordance with the schedule that is why it is important to have good contact and awareness of the entire process on both sides of the contract.
Modular bathrooms can have one of our sample layouts or be 100% tailor made. Therefore, at this stage it is important to know what you want to order.
This stage is all about engaging with our design-engineering team to incorporate client's own unique requirements or select from pre-existing, validated technical solutions.
We strongly recommend face to face workshop with our team at early stage.
„A picture is worth a thousand words”
The mock-up stage is very important because it turns vision to reality. It is basically PoC (proof of concept) of a product - you can see it in many different ways. Therefore, this is assurance for both parties - what to expect from each other.
Stages of production are in accordance with the required bathroom types and delivery dates.
At this stage complete offsite prefabricated structures are ready-made just in one place – our factory in accordance to the high quality standards (ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001).
Our business is all about deadlines.
We offer transport to a requested location. We guarantee prompt delivery that integrates accurately with the construction sequence.

*We also offer prefabricated bathrooms installation as an additional option.


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Benefits. Who Are You? x

Benefits for CONTRACTORS

Prefabricated bathroom pods reduce changeover times, increase efficiency and are always ready to pass the final inspection.

Benefits for DEVELOPERS

Using prefabricated bathrooms, developers can deliver their investment faster to the market, which ensures quicker and probably higher return from the investment and that is the main goal of any business.

Benefits for ARCHITECTS

By using repeatability of prefabricated bathrooms we are able to build at a lower price without compromising on quality and creativity.

Recent Projects x

The Idea x

Our Vision

Our vision is to use the prefabrication and modular construction potential to improve productivity in engineering and construction, which means manufacturing the best possible product – prefabricated bathroom with excellent technical parameters.
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Our Mission

As EcoReadyBath our mission is to respond to the growing and individual needs of developers, hotel owners and investors in the construction industry, maintaining the highest standards of workmanship and work, while manufacturing modular bathrooms.
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Brands We Work For

As EcoReadyBath we are providing prefabricated bathrooms for the most recognizable brands.


As EcoReadyBath we are proven manufacturer of complete offsite fully-equipped units of high quality modular toilets and bathrooms for clients in Europe.

Your B2B Supplier

for prefabricated bathrooms.