Building the future: Our journey with tomorrow’s builders

This week, we started with a study visit from the Construction and Technical Schools Group students in Stargard. Engaging with the younger generation is a cornerstone of our approach, and here’s why it’s not just beneficial but crucial for our business:

During their visit, the students examined the intricate process of prefabricated bathroom production from the ground up. This wasn’t just a theoretical lesson; the students stepped into the shoes of quality control inspectors, comparing technical drawings directly with the actual bathroom modules. This hands-on experience is invaluable for the students, who gained practical insights and skills, and our company.

Why is this engagement so critical? Firstly, it bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, preparing a skilled workforce ready to hit the ground running. Secondly, by opening our doors to these young minds, we’re fostering a culture of innovation and fresh perspectives that can drive our company forward. Lastly, it strengthens our ties with the community, especially as many of our employees are proud Construction and Technical Schools Group alums in Stargard.

We’re not just investing in the potential workforce of tomorrow; we’re actively participating in shaping it. This synergy between education and industry is where true innovation and growth lie, and we’re excited to see where these bright young minds will take us in the future.

See you at the internships! 🙂