EcoReadyBath is Building knowledge and shaping futures by offering student internships.

As part of our vocational training program, we can host students from the Construction and Technical School Complex in Stargard (Zespołu Szkół Budowlano-Technicznych). Thanks to the intensifying cooperation, we can share our experience and knowledge with young people and show them how prefabrication works in the construction industry.

For our company, student internships are not only a chance to pass on knowledge and present ourselves as an employer in the local market but also an opportunity to talk with representatives of the younger generation and understand their needs and expectations from employers. The first professional experiences are an invaluable opportunity to learn about the company’s specificity, organizational culture, and work. We are confident that the values and dedication of our team will be helpful to students in their future careers.

We are impressed by the students’ commitment and eagerness to learn, which shows that we are dealing with young people who are motivated and determined to succeed.

Cooperation with the Construction and Technical School Complex in Stargard will benefit our company and the students who will gain valuable experience and knowledge.