EcoReadyBath triumphs as Exporter of the Year 2022

With genuine joy and pride, we are thrilled to share a remarkable piece of news – our company has been honoured with the prestigious title of Exporter of the Year 2023 at the Stargard Entrepreneurship Gala! This recognition is a unique source of pride for us, reflecting our entire team’s hard work and dedication, our unwavering commitment to development, and our pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

The Exporter of the Year title confirms our strong presence in international markets and evidence of our contribution to the region’s economic development. Heartfelt thanks go to the organizers of the Stargard Entrepreneurship Gala for this prestigious accolade, as well as to all our employees. Your support, trust, and daily commitment are invaluable; this success would not have been possible without you.

The Exporter of the Year title motivates us to continue working, exploring innovative solutions, and seeking new opportunities in international markets. Together, we prefab the future and continuously strive to lead our industry!