Empowering the Future: EcoReadyBath’s Commitment to Education and the Construction Industry

EcoReadyBath had the privilege of participating in the XXXVII Construction Knowledge and Skills Olympics in the spirit of fostering talent and supporting the growth of the construction industry. The event took place at the Construction and Technical School Complex in Stargard, gathering 30 talented students from various construction schools in the Szczecin region.

Our representative, Dorota Pogorzelska, proudly presented tokens of appreciation to all participants on our company’s behalf. The competition showcased these students’ dedication and passion for the construction sector. The top three participants will go on to represent the Szczecin region at the national level, competing for exemptions from professional exams and coveted spots in technical universities.

The Construction Knowledge and Skills Olympics held continuously since 1987, aligns with our commitment to supporting education and development. It encourages students to deepen their understanding of construction, explore the latest technological advancements, and nurture their talents.

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