Nature-Inspired Innovation: Delivering 148 Bathroom Pods to NICKEL Resort & SPA Grzybowo

We have just signed a new contract to deliver 148-bathroom pods to the stunning NICKEL Resort & SPA Grzybowo, located in the picturesque town of Grzybowo in Poland. This extraordinary place is inspired by the local fauna and flora, where nature intertwines with innovative solutions.

The biophilic design applied in this project results from a love for nature and concern for the health and well-being of the users. It’s not just another contract for EcoReadyBath; it’s a unique opportunity to be part of a project combining local beauty and modernity. NICKEL Resort & SPA Grzybowo has created actual architectural art, and we enjoy providing innovative solutions.

We eagerly await October 2023, when the first pods will be delivered. We are preparing for production challenges such as custom tile layouts and individually designed vanity unit areas. Our determination and experience guarantee success in meeting these challenges.

We are grateful for the trust bestowed upon us and the opportunity to co-create this exceptional place. NICKEL Resort & SPA Grzybowo becomes another example that EcoReadyBath modular bathrooms turn ideas into reality.

We thank our team for their hard work and dedication, which make our company grow and achieve new inspiring goals.

  • Number of pods: 148
  • Number of types: 3 types
  • Pods tye: Steel floor with electric underfloor heating
  • First deliveries: October 2023
  • Production challenges: Strong emphasis on details, including:
    • Unconventional tile layouts
    • Decorative plaster on the wall
    • Custom-made sink enclosures

Visualizations by NICKEL Resort & SPA Grzybowo