Embark on a Fascinating Video Tour of EcoReadyBath’s Bathroom Pod Production Facility!

Our bathroom pods, designed and manufactured by EcoReadyBath in Stargard, Poland, are the pinnacle of offsite construction. They come fully equipped with fixtures, fittings, tiles, and complete electrical, water supply, sewage, and ventilation systems, ready for installation at your construction site.

Ideal for large-scale projects such as hotels, key worker and student accommodations, apartment buildings, and care homes, our bathroom pods offer an efficient and streamlined alternative to traditional construction methods.

BIM technology is at the core of our innovation, allowing multiple design teams to collaborate seamlessly on a single project. With detailed drawings, precise material calculations, and comprehensive documentation, we ensure our pods’ timely and complete delivery to meet your project deadlines.

Our bathroom pod structure features steel profiles formed and assembled according to manufacturing drawings. The walls are created by assembling pre-prepared panels, while the flooring boards are securely attached to the sturdy steel structure. We offer customization options, including concrete or steel flooring and even floorless designs.

During assembly, our walls are securely fastened to the floor and each other, with the ceiling completing the structure. Waterproofing layers are applied to the walls, and our plumbing systems are meticulously installed on dedicated platforms. Our skilled electricians connect the electrical system, sockets, and light switches, ensuring everything is ready for use.

Aesthetics are also a priority. Our designer-selected tiles are carefully laid on the waterproofed walls, and we can skim and paint the other walls to suit your preferences. Installing sanitary fittings and fixtures, such as stylish shower enclosures, brings functionality and elegance to our bathroom pods.

Quality control is a vital part of our manufacturing process. We subject our bathroom pods to rigorous tests to ensure proper coating thickness, system integrity, and ceiling strength. Over 30 areas undergo meticulous inspection, and the results are documented and recorded in our IT system.

Once our bathroom pods pass the quality tests, they are thoroughly clean, sealed, and wrapped in durable plastic film. We add transport straps for easy lifting by a crane, and unique labels indicating the installation date and location are attached.

Ready for transportation, our bathroom pods are loaded onto trucks and delivered to your construction site. Swift installation follows, seamlessly integrating our pods into your building structure.

Experience the future of construction with our tailor-made bathroom pods. Embrace efficiency, quality, and innovation in every aspect of your project. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.