Unveiling the Extraordinary Penthouse Bathroom Pod by EcoReadyBath!

We are thrilled to share one of our latest completed pods at EcoReadyBath. Our team’s dedication to innovation and advanced solutions in modular technology has given rise to something extraordinary – a groundbreaking penthouse bathroom pod that exceeds all expectations and ignites a sense of pride in our team.

In this instance, we encountered the challenge of crafting a bathroom module without conventional load-bearing walls, seamlessly integrating with building facades. Our experts took a professional approach supported by comprehensive calculations and analyses. This approach ensured the requisite structural integrity and guaranteed safety and long-term durability.

A critical facet of this endeavour was the incorporation of supplementary stiffening elements, which upheld the module’s stability while adhering to the demands of the facade. We could outline the necessary equipment and resources for a seamless installation and transportation process by meticulously developing a lifting and assembly strategy.

We are excited to be part of projects that seek out innovative solutions and seamlessly incorporate them into the aesthetics and functionality of architecture. We firmly believe that modular solutions, such as our bathroom pod, possess incredible potential to transform the future of construction.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional team for their unwavering dedication and hard work. We would also like to thank our partners and clients for their unwavering trust and support throughout every stage of this captivating project. Together, we are actively shaping the future of architecture and engineering!

Interior architects: HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates
Developer: Far East Consortium UK
Contractor: Midgard Ltd / JRL Group Ltd
EcoReadyBath Team: MICHAŁ STEFANKIEWICZ, Tamim Nabavian, Lidia Matuszko, Robert Rodak